7 Every Day Energy Saving Tips

Wednesday 13th December 2017

The UK consumer organisation released 7 very helpful energy saving tips for tasks we likely perform every day. If we start to imply these suggestions we will save energy and more.

  1. Running your dishwasher, washing machine, or tumble dryer half-full. The fuller the load, the more efficient the cycle. Using an eco cycle on your dishwasher can cut energy use by around 16%.
  2. Forgetting to set your heating controls. These allow you to schedule your heating to be off when you don’t need it – for example, at night or when you’re out – so you don’t forget to switch it off.
  3. Not replacing old light bulbs with LEDs. On average, an LED bulb costs around £1.71 per year to run, which could cut £180 from your energy bills over the bulb’s lifetime compared with an old-style bulb.
  4. Leaving appliances on standby or switched on when you’re not actually using them. This costs households up to £30 per year, according to the Energy Saving Trust.
  5. Heating unused rooms. If you can zone your heating with room thermostats, you can easily trim your bills. Set lower temperatures for the parts of your home that you use only rarely or at certain times of the day.
  6. Putting warm food in the fridge or freezer. The appliance will have to work harder and use more energy, to cool down. Avoid leaving the door open too long, and defrost food in your fridge to give it a helping hand at chilling.
  7. Putting off switching energy supplier. If you don’t feel able to invest the time into comparing gas and electricity prices, you risk paying around hundreds more than you need to for energy each year. The amount is the difference between the priciest tariff from a Big Six energy company and the cheapest deal on the market.

Source: Which?. Photo: Adobe Stock.

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Wednesday 13th December 2017

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