A Few Energy Saving Tips

Wednesday 29th March 2017
Here are some simple energy saving tips for you consider for your household:
  • 1 degree. Check your house/room thermostats, dropping it by just 1ºC (33ºF) produces valuable savings.
  • Curtains. As the light drops close your curtains, it will prevent the loss of heat, but don’t do it too early else you burn electricity turning out lighting when it may not be neccessary.
  • Boiling water. When boiling the kettle, or water in a saucepan, only use as much water as you will need. One cup needs only one cup full of water.
  • Lights. Use energy saving light bulbs, LED lighting maybe more expensive to buy, but quality bulbs last a lot longer, give good light and use less energy.
  • Standby. Do not use standby on appliances and devices - turn them off.
  • Draughts. Seal off your windows and doors, to ensure there aren’t any draughts.
  • Full load. Make sure you have a full load when using the dishwasher or washing machine. Also check the temperature of you washing machine, 30ºC (86ºF). You will still get a really good wash, and for lots of washes you can even reduce the temperature to 15ºC (60ºF).
  • Drying. Also while in the laundry make sure you use fine weatehr to dry your clothes. A tumble or laundry dryer is energy hungry, while wind and sun are free, your clothes will also feel and smell better after drying on a clothes line.

There are many more energy saving actions you can take - stop and think about what you are doing in your house - can you save in even more ways?

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Wednesday 29th March 2017

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