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Wednesday 24th April 2013

At the Aero Global Show for General Aviation which takes place in Germany today PC-Aero will announce their plans for two new solar-powered electric planes.

The company have made improvements to the Eleketra One and dubbed it the Electra One Solar and have increased the wing-span adding 6 square-meter solar cells on the surface of the wings, producing over 1 kW of power, with the onboard Li-Ion batteries providing an extra 1.5 kW.

Without the batteries the plane only weighs 100kg due to being made of carbon composite materials, this lack of mass enables the Elektra One Solar to be able to fly for more than eight hours, a range of 1,000 kilometers at 100kph

The second plane, the SolarWorld eOne, has been developed by solar energy specialists SolarWorld with the help of PC-Aero. It is a one-seater aircraft which also uses solar energy technology, although currently just a prototype, PC-Aero and SolarWorld claim it is close to production.

The SolarWorld eOne features a 16kw engine, and again is lightweight due to being made of carbon composite materials, which means it only needs 2.5 kW to get airborne. It is due for its maiden flight next month.

These are interesting developments as neither plane produces CO2 emissions, which is a major environmental concern for many. Will we ever see a solar powered passenger airliner? Remember - the Wright brothers started small!

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Wednesday 24th April 2013

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