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Wednesday 1st May 2013

Here is an idea that could revolutionise transport, an alternative fuel for your car, that could rock the world, or it may be swallowed up and disappear. If rumors from decades past are anything to go by, the guy featured here, Tom Olson, will either get paid or bumped off by some big oil conglomerate. Why, he is looking at powering your car on air!

Tom is looking for funding for his startup F2 Power Technologies company, he isn’t any high powered CEO but he is an experienced advanced turbine engineer. He has, with his experience, designed the F2 Powertrain that could run an SUV on air, which currently is free.

Tom is obviously an experienced engineer, but when you see his video, which is wonderfully simple and personalised, and then his initial prototype, you may think it all seems a little home-spun. Well, it is, and that has its own beauty. This man obviously knows his turbines, and the concept seems to make sense.

You may be thinking of an SUV with a large turbine on the roof, or a sail, well think again. What Tom has conceived makes you wonder why it hasn’t emerged before - or maybe it has (see the opening paragraph), Tom lives in Milwaukee and that may have kept out of the sights of the corporate world.

Tom’s concept in reality is not that wind would directly power your vehicle. He has devised a method of adding a turbine to a car that would produce enough power to recharge an electric vehicle’s batteries on the run - so there wouldn’t be a problem of range between charging points. You would need to use the batteries to get it started, but once you were off on the open road the turbine would kick in.

Although it doesn’t look ideal for city traffic jams, once you were traveling at a greater speed your batteries would recharge. Tom has designed the F2 Powertrain to accelerate the air to the turbine, multiplying the generating capacity even at low car speed.

“With the F2 system, air striking a moving vehicle is funneled, constricting the airflow, which results in a huge increase in wind power which turns a turbine and standard generator, producing electricity that powers a standard electric motor and recharges batteries,” Olson explains on the project’s Indiegogo page.

Tom presents his idea in his video in extreme weather, adding that the fluctuations in climate is proof enough for him to work on power EVs with air.

Tom is hoping to crowd fund $100,000 to modify a normal SUV with its unique air funneling system.

“I told everyone I could design a system that would power a vehicle using free air,” writes Olson. “Initially, no one believed me, said I was crazy. Eventually everyone, including the mechanical engineers and experts who have worked on or analyzed the system, are now believers.”

If you wish to contribute go to Tom's page now.

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Wednesday 1st May 2013

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