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Tuesday 20th May 2014

Efficiency in air travel is a major target for environmentalists, with planes unfortunately delivering plenty of greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere. Hence news of energy efficient jet engines is good to hear.

One of the major engine manufactures, Rolls-Royce, have dispatched the first production Trent XWB engine that will power the Airbus A350 XWB's entry into commercial service with Qatar Airways later this year. The airline has ordered 80 aircraft.

The engine is efficient bit powerful, delivering 50,000 bhp as a takeoff thrust of up to 430 kN (97,000 ft-lb) as 1,440 kg (3,170 lb) of air flows through the engine every second. Rolls Royce compare the force on a fan blade at takeoff like a freight train weighing almost 1,000lb hanging off each 68 turbine blades.

The engine powered the A350 XWB's first test flight in June 2013 from Toulouse, France. Since then the aircraft has carried out a variety of test flights, including high altitude testing in Bolivia, hot weather testing in Al Ain, UAE, and cold weather testing in Iqaluit, Canada. The engine also powered the A350 XWB's visit to the Singapore Airshow in February 2014.

The Trent XWB is 16% more efficient than the first-generation Trent engines that entered into service in 1995, with the new engine burning fuel at 2,000⁰ C (3,600⁰ F), for the world's most efficient aero engine.

This move is a positive step as airlines look to green their image.

Source: Rolls Royce.

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Tuesday 20th May 2014

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