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Thursday 22nd May 2014

Most E-Bikes we feature in our posts are reasonably sleek looking, or at the least a traditional looking bicycles with the added electric motor. Today we would like to put a beast amongst those pigeons!

The Daymark Beast is being set free, at least from this summer, and not only on the roads but off road as well. Not that it is a light, BMX type vehicle - no, the Beast is an appropriate name. It is chunky, with plenty of attitude.

It has small 8-inch wide tires, enabling it to handle rough terrain as well as the road. It looks like somewhere between a chopper and a scooter.

It has inverted suspension attached to 10 inch wheel rims, a 4,500 lumen LED headlight, all joined to an alloy frame sitting on 19.7 inch tires - it is 6.3 foot long, only 3.75 feet high and weighs 121lbs (55kg).

What is more, it is even greener than many E-Bikes as it is solar powered, with a bank of batteries which appear to be in some sort of carry case, which can also be used to power other devices, such as a smart phone, through two USB ports.

The solar battery pack has a 15 W-hr solar panels, which charges a 60V 12 AH lithium battery and applies a continuos trickle charge. It can also be charged up from a regular power outlet. A full charge provides a range of 24 miles, with a 6.2 mile range for every eight hours of solar charging. It is designed to go much further than most E-Bikes.

It has a speed of up to 20 mph, all from a 500W gearless motor. It stops with hydraulic disc brakes.

You use bluetooth and an app to track the bike data, including recording speed, average speed, odometer, temperature of the motor, battery level, trip data and even GPS details.

Watch the video of this amazing E-Bike.

Source: Daymark

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Thursday 22nd May 2014

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