Bicycles Overtake Cars

Wednesday 30th October 2013

Bicycle’s once were the wonder of the world - they provided personal transport for many people who had little access to it previously. Then along came the automobile - just for a few initially, but after World War II they gradually took over the world of transport.

There are obvious exceptions to this such as China and India, but they are now seeing the same sort of transformation of personal transportation!

Meanwhile, across Europe, the originating region of the car, a reversal is taking place - last year bikes outsold cars in 23 out of 27 European Union countries.

For the first time since World War II, in Italy bikes outsold cars while for the first time Spanish bike sales headed the transportation charts. Romania, not the richest of countries, sold five bikes for every car, and Germany, one of the richest countries, sold 3,966,000 bikes compared to 3,966,000 cars.

The global recession has made a major contribution to the swing, according to researchers, which in the first half of this years saw the lowest car sales for 20 years.

Also making an impact is the multitude of bicycle-friendly policies enacted by EU member state governments - plus the installation of elements promoting cycling - such as yesterday’s post on the Hovenring in Eindhoven.

This is good news for the environment of course - cutting pollution and saving energy - pedal power returning to the fore, how long before we are all back on horses?

Photo by heb@Wikimedia Commons (mail) (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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Wednesday 30th October 2013

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