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Wednesday 4th October 2017

How a UK-based ESA member is changing the energy world

ESA membership is many things – a mark of energy credibility, a source of industry knowledge, a thriving community of experts. Companies join the ranks of our group for a variety of reasons, but, however they came to us, each member instantly becomes a part of the ESA ‘family’. As such, we take a great interest in how they’re doing and what they’re doing.

In the case of British Energy Saving technology (or BEST, for short), they’re revolutionising the energy monitoring and management industry – not just here in the UK, but across the globe.

Background on BEST

For those who haven’t yet crossed paths with this Cornwall-based technology company, British Energy Saving Technology are specialists in energy monitoring and management. With their flagship product ‘Eniscope’, BEST’s team allow clients to monitor (in real-time) their energy consumption across multiple-sites and myriad data points, from a single central dashboard. As such, they offer clients the ability to:

  • Easily and intuitively identify energy savings through behaviour adjustment
  • Expose energy-abusive and inefficient equipment
  • Eliminate out-of-hours waste
  • Prove the effectiveness of energy saving solutions, like their own CUES product

Even more exciting, the latest edition of Eniscope incorporates new sensors that harness the limitless potential and power of the IoT (Internet of Things) and Artificial Intelligence, making their already best-in-class system even more comprehensive and autonomous.

In Action Around The World

In a recent Proof of Concept installation, British Energy Saving Technology installed Eniscope in a medium sized office block in London. The idea was to show their potential client (NG Bailey) first-hand just how effective the monitoring system could be.

Here’s the headline results:

  • 75% reduction in installation costs, over the incumbent system
  • 11 energy saving opportunities quickly identified
  • 213 tonnes annual carbon reduction identified
  • £40,000+ annual savings identified

NG Bailey, one of the UK’s largest Facilities Management providers, were so impressed, they’ve begun a rollout of Eniscope across their substantial property portfolio. And the best bit? They can control and monitor them all from a single, central dashboard.

If you want to check out what BEST are up to now or find out how you could collaborate with them as a fellow ESA member, check out their website here:

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Wednesday 4th October 2017

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