Climate Change Coming to a City Near You

Monday 21st October 2013

Researchers at the University of Hawaii at Manoa have published about their new study on climate change in Nature magazine which predicts unparalleled high temperatures globally, with some hitting sooner than expected.

Dr Camilo Mora and a research team report that they considered the question of when global warming would begin to change local climates, and were shocked by their calculations. They predict that a dramatic rise in temperatures will start within a few short years, starting in earnest from 2020.

The order in which it will hit islands, cities and states are as follows: the first affects being felt in Manokwari, capital of West Papua, Indonesia, Jakarta and Lago will be next.

By 2031 Mexico City will be affected, then Bogota, Cairo, Baghdad, and Nairobi in 2036. Into the 2040's New York, San Francisco, Rome, Tokyo and Beijing will feel increased temperature. London and Rio will join the rise in heat in the 2050's.

As is often the case, the regions less able to respond or cope will be affected first. Ryan Longman, one of the co-authors of the study, told Climate News Network: “Our results suggest that countries first impacted by unprecedented climates are the ones with the least capacity to respond.

“Ironically, these are countries that are least responsible for climate change in the first place.”

To understand the depth the researcher went to to obtain their results check out the article in Nature.

Image from Mora et al, University of Hawaii

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Monday 21st October 2013

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