Cool 'Bottlelight' - Recycle and Illuminate

Wednesday 9th September 2015

Most, if not all, households have a gathering of bottles waiting to go into the recycle bin - you could now recycle some of them yourself by turning them into table lamps.

This is certainly not a new concept, a few decades back traditionally shaped Chianti bottles were stuffed with candles, or even drilled and wired to hold an electric light. The whole concept has now been updated and is an energy efficient way, at least on a par with candles, to provide a soft light to your home.

No mains wiring and no chance of buying down the house or covering surfaces with melted wax - the Bottlelight from the strangely named Suck UK is shaped like a cork but has a super bright LED that recharges via USB.

Push the ‘cork’ into a bottle top and you can get a feature light and agreeable illumination from within the bottle, not just stuck on top.

It is also ideal for outdoor use, without cord to restrict its reach and without a flame to blow out it is the perfect outdoor light.

The Bottlelight charges via an USB connection with three hours of light for every one hour of charge - which is a pretty reasonable return.

So recycle bottles by using Bottlelight to provide interesting illumination without burning lots of energy.

Watch the video below from SuckUK.

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Wednesday 9th September 2015

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