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Thursday 26th September 2013

BMW have revealed the new BMW C Evolution Green electric scooter - which will come to market next year.

The automotive giant has been trumpeting the C evolution as a concept design for the last year, and for once a concept is now becoming a reality.

The C Evolution electric scooter has the range of 62 miles with a full charge due to the 8kWh lithium ion battery, which is capable of powering the bike to a top speed of 75mph. It only takes four hours to fully charge via a standard 220v / 12amp outlet from flat. The drivetrain, a toothed belt like a Harley, runs through the swing arm to a liquid-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor.

The bike also tops up the charge through the ever common regeneration energy from braking and cruising with the throttle closed. It also has the same energy storage modules and electronic components as used in a BMW i3. It has an LED daytime running light and a large TFT color display.

Watch the video of it shooting through London streets - it looks good just need details on price and availability now.

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Thursday 26th September 2013

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