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Wednesday 20th November 2013

If we post about alternative, off grid ways to power your phone or tablet, it is usually a hand cranked device or solar powered. So today it is pleasing to bring you a hydro powered solution for off-grid power - while out there in the wild, in emergency situations or similar. Bearing in mind of course you will need a moving water source to generate the electricity!

The HydroBee is a hydropower gadget designed to power your phone and other USB devices. It doesn’t necessarily need a raging torrent, you can use it in streams, under faucets (taps) or towed behind a boat. It looks a little like a small yellow submarine, similar in shape to Thunderbird 4 - if you know what that is!

The tiny hydropower turbine generator can be attached straight to your tap/faucet at home, with the water running it will recharge two or three smart phone or others devices.

What developer Burt Hamner has done is taken the tiny hydro generator and put in a turbine battery - basically a can, which can also be fitted to your home water outlet. It then fits into the HydroBee body, which allows it to float. There is a propeller at the back of the little vessel which drives the turbine, storing energy in the battery.

When it is charged you take the ‘can’ out of the Bee and plug in your devices.

So if you are out boating, tow it behind you, camping and you have a stream nearby, throw it in, a power outage at home, attach it to the water system and keep your devices powered. Also, again, an ideal off grid device for many developing countries and areas where power is scarce.

It is under development at the moment and is looking for funds, hence another Kickstarter campaign has been set up.

Watch the video.

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Wednesday 20th November 2013

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