Energy Saving to Suck Less

Monday 4th November 2013

Some people may feel that energy saving sucks, so now EU bureaucrats are working to make sure it doesn’t suck too much!

A new ruling from the EU parliament will set new standards for vacuum cleaners, requiring them to be less powerful in an effort to make them more energy efficient and quieter.

From September 2014 vacuum cleaners with motors over 1600W will be banned and a further reduction in power, to 900W, will be enforced from 2017.

Many modern vacuum cleaners currently use motors of 1800W, and some 2200W - all used to improve the cleaning power of the device. Experts claim that the power of the motor makes a big difference to the effectiveness of a vacuum cleaner. With an argument that the cleaner can be operated for less time - using less energy than a lower powered version.

Despite this the European Commission’s ‘ecodesign’ regulations will see cleaners rated A to G dependent on energy efficiency and performance - including value - similar to other devices, such as laundry devices.

Sir James Dyson, the inventor behind one of the most effective vacuum cleaners, feels the proposal sucks, so is presenting a legal challenge to the policy as his bag-less cleaners seem to be the target of the legislation.

These EU wide measures are going to be applied to other devices, which include water pumps, water heaters and tumble dryers.

Photo of Dyson Vacuum Cleaner by Robert Scarth.

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Monday 4th November 2013

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