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Tuesday 31st July 2012

I am sure when you sit down with a steaming cup of coffee you want to spark new ideas on energy efficiency and cutting enery waste - but have you ever looked at your cup and thought about the energy used to provide you with your drink?

Here are two great products, an espresso maker and a kettle that means you can enjoy your coffee or tea with a clear conscience as you are using the energy wisely, with substantial savings over more traditional ways of producing a brew.

Good espresso usually requires machines hissing and bubbling, delivering pressurized water at high temperature, but this espresso just demands your energy. The Presso Espresso Coffee Maker uses no electricity itself as it’s entirely manual, but you do have to supply hot water from your kettle.

Simply fill the steel filter with your choice of coffee grains, attach it to the Presso, lift and then lower the lever arms, which traps the air and forces the water through the coffee at high pressure. The Presso not only saves on electricity but it is also manufactured from materials that can be recycled.

You may protest about the energy used to heat the water - fair enough, but add to your ensemble an Eco Kettle, then you could be saving 60% of the energy you would normally use to heat the water.

The 2.2kw kettle has a unique double chamber that requires you to measure out only how much water you need, this saves electricity, water, money and time.

Until now, conveniently measuring the correct amount of water to be boiled in your kettle has not been easy. The result? It is estimated that, on average, we boil twice the volume of water needed every time. Which means twice as much energy, twice as much time.

An internal reservoir holds a full capacity of water ready for use, and the ECO control knob allows any quantity, from a single cupful to full capacity, to be released into the separate chamber for boiling.

So enjoy your cup knowing that little energy has been used to produce your steaming, aromatic drink - enjoy it as you consider energy saving technology, business and strategies.

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Tuesday 31st July 2012

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