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Monday 7th October 2013

There have been a couple of products which along with providing heat for cooking will also, from that heat, provide a charge to a USB connected device - now there's another development along these lines about to go into production - FlameStower.

FlamStower is generating crowd funding through Kickstarter and looks to be on target - and as we said there are similar products, but this is different.

The FlameStower design allows for easy setup, charging, and storing, making FlameStower a portable solution for energy on the go.

FlameStower can charge your device from any open flame; a a camping stove, campfire or some other flame source. So it is great in the great outdoors, but it is just as effective in blackouts or disaster situations.

To use it all you have to do is unfold the legs, put water into a reservoir, place the "blade" portion into a flame and using the differential in the temperature between the ‘blade’ in the flames and the cool water in the reservoir it will generate electricity This energy is passed through a USB connection to your connected device.

The developers reckon that the charge generated is similar to that from the USB on a laptop, meaning a smart phone with charge two to four minutes of talk time with a minute of charging from FlameStower

A great idea and they have already achieved a modest target for their funding - it is energy that can be generated anywhere an open flame is used. A different form of alternative energy source from renewable energy.


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Monday 7th October 2013

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