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Wednesday 7th May 2014

With the U.S. Third National Climate Assessment released yesterday, highlighting the dangers from climate change, do you know the impact you are having on the climate each day?

What is your carbon footprint from all your daily activities? You could sit down each night and calculate it - although it will take a few hours, and in the process produce even more greenhouse gas emissions.

There hasn’t been a comprehensive method to track your carbon footprint in any sort of sensible way - until now. Oroeco and have teamed up to create a personal virtual climate dashboard to monitor and report your carbon footprint from everything you do. Whether you are eating, entertaining, running your home or traveling, the Oroeco effort will report using their web app.

The app is currently in beta testing, but it uses your Mint account spending to assign a carbon value to whatever you are doing over time and in comparison to people in your social circle. The app will then offer suggestions for reducing your carbon footprint.

They are also able through the system to buy personal carbon offsets, to help lessen the climate change impact.

To drive the process Oroeco offer rewards for those that make the changes in the way they live to reduce their carbon footprint - it can be from simple badges through to things such as Nest Thermostats.

What is even better it is a free service, but you will need a account, which helps you with your budgeting, which is also free.

Watch their video:

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Wednesday 7th May 2014

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