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Monday 6th January 2014

There has been a call from some groups to actually cut down the number of cows and other livestock to reduce greenhouse gases. Livestock naturally produce methane - which is a greenhouse gas, and as there are an awful lot of them some environmental groups want the numbers reduced, while others would be horrified at such a suggestion.

There could be a reprieve for livestock that would satisfy both camps. Argentina is well known for its beef production, but they may now see a shift in emphasis that would help the environment.

Scientists at the Buenos Aires based National Institute for Farming Technology have developed a method of harvesting the methane gas the cows produce.

Methane is produced in the animals' stomachs and the scientists have developed a way of collecting it to use as an alternative energy source.

Cows with a 'gas bag' on their back, where the gas is collected are seen in the BBC video report (see below), could be utilized in areas where energy sources are difficult to obtain. Refrigeration and other devices could then be powered by the cows!

Watch the BBC video to learn more:

Picture of Alpine Cows by VirtuaLight Media

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Monday 6th January 2014

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