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Tuesday 29th October 2013

We often post about bicycles and LED lighting - both environmentally advantageous and energy efficient - today we sort of combine the two subjects in Eindhoven's astounding Hovenring.

The Hovernring is a bicycle pathway with a difference as it is suspended over the Dutch city’s main roundabout. It has been recognised as a design masterpiece.

The Netherlands has always been preeminent in cycle culture and this cycle path made by engineering company IPV Delft is certainly up there with the best. As well as being up there in the air the route is 236 feet in diameter and reduces congestion on the roundabout below, keeping cyclists safe and above and away from the traffic, it has been named as a finalist in the 2013 Dutch Design Awards.

The Hovenring is made from 24 steel cables, holding a 1,000 tonne steel deck, helped by anti-vibration dampers. There is a central pylon to which the cables are attached, then supports at the entrance to the bridges strengthen the whole ‘ring’.

The LED lighting element plays a major part, illuminating the roundabout from above and the cycle pathway from below - efficiently and with enough light for safety for those above and those below.

Enjoy this video of this amazing construction:

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Tuesday 29th October 2013

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