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Wednesday 25th October 2017

In the previous post, we reviewed the Hive as a heating control/thermostat - which has proved very useful and energy efficient. But a Hive conjures up the image of busy bees flying off all over the place, and the Hive is well named as it is modular and buzzes into many different areas of control.

Over the last year, we have added to our system smart Hive lights, motion sensors and a smart plug/socket.

Utilising an Amazon Echo, which connects to the Hive, we also do not need to use the app as much as we can operate the Hive network through voice commands - ‘Alexa, turn on the living room light,’ - ‘OK’ comes the reply, and there is light!

The lights can also be dimmed, all through voice command or the app, or turn on the Hive socket to operate other devices, such as a coffee machine in the morning while still in bed.

The motion sensor alerts us when there is movement in the house while away - worrying as you cannot quickly do much about it. The motion sensor can also operate the Hive lighting, so when motion is sensed it can turn on your chosen lights that are connected to the Hive hub, useful for security of the middle of the night when children awake and go searching for parents.

The smart lighting, socket and motion sensor can also be a plus for energy efficiency, with lights easily turned off and on, rather than being left on all the time. You can also schedule the lighting to come on and turn off at set times, useful when on vacation or just for safety and comfort when leaving on dark mornings and returning on dark evenings in winter.

Hive has also added a feature which will mimic your recent activity, as it learns your actions over time, this allows you to make it appear that someone is at home when you are actually away - this may not be regarded as energy efficient but does provide peace of mind.

We did have one device sent to us to trial, it is a sensor that fits around the incoming water supply and will alert you if there is a change in water pressure - indicating a leak in your water system.

We fitted this device easily, it connected to the hub and then promptly disconnected, and despite going through the instructions again and again the device has refused to reconnect. We contacted the Hive help desk and left a message but they have never responded. It could be a useful addition to the Hive system if it worked.

In conclusion - the Hive is a good thermostat for heating control via the app or the Control panel, with the addition of lighting and other controls it can become the centre of your household. So be a busy Bee and check out the Hive.

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Wednesday 25th October 2017

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