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Thursday 9th January 2014

Hot water is supplied in buildings in various ways, but often through an instant hot water system. A little like a kettle, a device will heat your water on demand, you turn on the hot faucet and the flow of water switches on an inline heater which heats up the water ready to use.

This method has been reasonably efficient, in the sense that it heats the amount of water you need, when you need it. That seems fine, but a closer look at this method reveals the rather aged technology is inefficient and costly in energy and water, particularly compared to a new product on Kickstarter, where the developers are rapidly reaching their $125,000 goal, with 38 days still to go.

The Heatworks MODEL 1 is a smart water heater which the developer, ISI Technology, claims uses 40% less energy and 10% less water compared to conventional water heaters and is in fact 99% efficient. It measures just 6.5 x 12.5 inches and is Wi-Fi compatible allowing the user to remotely monitor temperature, timing and power.

Check out their video - it uses some impressive technology, throwing out the traditional resistance heating elements that soon get covered in mineral scales, quickly reducing efficiency. Instead it directly energises and hence heats the water molecules.

It also does away with a flow switch, again using electronics instead, saving water and allowing fitment where there is a low flow rate. It even automatically recognises voltage, allowing simple adjustment for many different requirements.

You can add separate units for different deeds and then provide a different temperature for water for the kitchen than for the shower.

Sounds like a winner - it delivers what you need, the way you need it and above all else, saving energy and water.


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Thursday 9th January 2014

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