Investment for Low-Income UK Homes to Become More Energy Efficient

Wednesday 4th April 2018

The UK Government has announced plans to update the Energy Company Obligation (ECO), to include fuel poor households, backing the proposal with a £6 billion package to tackle fuel poverty. With the UK suffering from more extremes in heat and cold, the move is needed more than ever, plus the effects of years of austerity have hit many families.

The changes will bring up to a million more UK households into a scheme that will enable them to gain from energy-saving measures to help reduce energy bills, with thousands of more families helped until 2028, and maybe beyond.

A consultation is currently taking place on ECO (Energy Company Obligation) scheme, which is designed to address fuel poverty while also reducing emissions through the provision of energy efficiency upgrades, technology and heating to low-income households.

The ECO scheme needs addressing as only 70% of low-income households benefit and this needs to cover all disadvantaged families and individuals. The upgrade proposed by the UK government would currently provide energy efficiency upgrades by March 2022 to around 900,000 homes.

The new proposal is part of the government’s Clean Growth Strategy, with the target converting by 2030 2.5 million low-income homes to an EEC (Energy Efficiency Certificate) rating of C.

The scheme will also help many energy saving companies and utilities to expand their efforts to help the domestic market to improve their energy saving, making a major contribution in the fight against climate change.

Picture by Castle man reproduced under CCL BY SA.

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Wednesday 4th April 2018

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