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Thursday 21st November 2013

If you thought that huge ghetto blasters or boom boxes were a thing of the past, think again - they are again being regarded as 'de rigueur', and what is even better is, if the said appliance is green - in operation not colour?

The ZingBox can run off solar energy from built in panels on top of the unit, and has been developed by Cambridge, Massachusetts designer Aron Zingman (who was named to invent something unusual).

It is what you expect - a large box, 20 inches (51 cm) wide, allowing for two good sized photovoltaic panels on top. The size means it is best carried on your shoulder in ghetto blaster stance, as it weighs 20 lbs (9 kg).

The large size also provides good audio, which it delivers through large speakers, but it is efficient at being loud, not needing more energy to produce the beats - as Zingman explains on his Kickstarter campaign page: 

The system was designed with powerful audio output in mind – Zingman explains on his Kickstarter campaign page that this is energy efficient: The ZingBox uses 95dB/W-m, high efficiency woofers (most speakers are rated around 88dB/W-m, some as low as 85dB/W-m), so the added efficiency is like free power. This 7dB/W-m to 10dB/W-m difference actually translates to 5x to 10x more efficiency in turning electricity to sound (since decibels are a logarithmic not a linear relationship). This means that the ZingBox can effectively charge its battery off the sun and play all day, all while the 2 x 15W amplifier puts out sound equivalent to what you'd expect from a 2 x 60W or even a 200W amp with an average set of speakers. Cranked up, the ZingBox will play at 106dB.

The ZingBox predicts eight hours of battery life. It can play audio from a range of sources including MP3 players and laptops through a headphone jack input. Apart from the solar power generation, it has a 12V connection for connection to a car socket and a regular wall socket plug.

It can also double up as a guitar amplifier or Karaoke machine.

Watch the video:

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Thursday 21st November 2013

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