Knowledge Transfer Partnership to Look at Building Energy Performance Shortfalls

Wednesday 9th August 2017

Scotland’s University of Strathclyde’s Energy Systems Research Unit (ESRU) has teamed up with software provider Arbnco on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) to devise a way of calculating why the energy performance of buildings is often well down on its design expectations.

The lower than expected energy efficiency performance means higher costs, higher consumption, unhappy clients and resulting in distrust, and eventually energy efficiency investment apathy.

Arbnco reckons it is better to investigate these energy performance gaps using dynamic integrated building performance simulation tools to analyse remedial actions and upgrades.

Building simulation differs from compliance type models, such as Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM), currently used to support estate management. The capability of simulation models is often compromised due to the lack of any prior calibration to match predictions to current performance.

The partnership aims to develop a software tool to undertake the calibrations automatically. It is believed that the tool will lead to higher quality building simulation models for historic energy use analysis and decision-making about operations, maintenance and retrofitting of large estates.

The tool will employ performance data, including energy and indoor environment, to regularly calibrate a buildings simulation model or models before energy analysis. The KTP will also investigate a holistic view, or what they have called ‘wellness’, with both Arbnco and the University of Strathclyde looking at the models to assess how energy, thermal comfort and indoor air quality interact with each other.

Interesting to see what will come from this partnership as far as energy efficiency in buildings is concerned.

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Wednesday 9th August 2017

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