Leap Forward in Solar Cell Efficiency

Friday 11th April 2014

Improving energy efficiency is also needed when generating energy, as we discussed in a recent post. Now the Panasonic Corporation has achieved a conversion efficiency of 25.6% conversion efficiency in its HIT solar cells, which is a huge increase over the previous world record for crystalline silicon-based solar cells.

The previous record for the same sort of solar cells was 24.7%, also set by Panasonic in February last year. The new record is the first to break through the 25% barrier for practical size cells.

The achievement of this new record was made possible by further development of Panasonic's proprietary heterojunction technology to realize the high conversion efficiency and superior high temperature properties of the company's HIT solar cells as well as adopting a back-contact solar cell structure, with the electrodes on the back of the solar cell, which allows the more efficient utilization of sunlight.

Panasonic state they will continue to pursue technology development of its HIT solar cells, aimed at realizing higher efficiency, lower costs and the more efficient use of resources, and will work towards mass production.

Source and picture: Panasonic

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Friday 11th April 2014

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