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Tuesday 15th July 2014

Car park lighting burns a lot of energy, with indoor or multi-storey car parking lots often having lights burn 24/7. Hence car parks have serious potential for energy saving, and this is now being realized by National Car Parks (NCP) in the UK.

Future Energy Solutions (FES) is supplying LED lighting for the companies many lots throughout the UK. During Phase 1 of the project this will involve installing over 60,000 LED lights in 149 multi-storey car parks, this year.

This project will effectively re-light 45,000 car parking spaces and is expected to save 11,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per annum. This project will also generate energy savings of over 65% in energy consumption in the car parks being retrofitted.

The project will also be the largest deployment of LED lights in the United Kingdom this year, underpinning the growth and speed with which LED lighting technology is now being used by households, government and corporates.

This project, which is being financed through the energy cost savings over time, will deliver to NCP an enhanced, modernized and energy efficient portfolio of car parking sites at no up-front cost to NCP.

The first phase is being funded by FES along with the UK Energy Efficiency Investments Fund managed by Sustainable Development Capital and funded by the UK Green Investment Bank. This is the first transport infrastructure project to qualify for the Government's UK Guarantee scheme which was launched in 2013.

So for most people who are parking in an NCP car park you can rest assured that if it is being retrofitted NCP are helping cut CO2 emissions from their building, while you add to them with your fossil fuel powered car!

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Tuesday 15th July 2014

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