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Wednesday 15th May 2013

Kinetic power generation is becoming evermore popular, and where to better utilize the technology than charging your smart phone. You stick your phone into your pocket or purse and walk out the door, producing energy through your movement charging your phone.

This is what Ideation Designs have conceived with their Infinity Cell, which is a micro kinetic charger, described as an ultra-miniaturized, high efficiency, kinetic charger - which will charge as you move, initially by giving it a good shake!

The integrated battery conditioning circuit ensures the phone only receives a charge when the cell phone battery can effectively and safely accept a charge, so there is no over charging.

But, does it provide enough power, or do you have to run a marathon to get any useful power into your phone? Ideation say: “The Infinity Cell delivers enough power to increase iPhone 4S battery life approximately 20% with 30 minutes of motion by outputting a steady 5V at 200 to 500mA.”

So, say no, to the marathon, the company say they are looking at different ways to generate more power and even more efficiently through further development of the Infinity Cell.

The unit fits onto the back of an iPhone, making the whole a little bulkier, but at least you will not run out of power in some remote location - if you do, run around for a bit and power it up!

Ideation are currently looking to raise funds for Kickstarter, so check it out.

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Wednesday 15th May 2013

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