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Friday 10th May 2013

How many times have you had to try and find a seat in a McDonalds, diner or restaurant with access to a power socket so you can charge your rapidly dying battery on your laptop? What you need is the Sherpa 50.

It’s the latest offering from Goal Zero, the solar charging specialists, and is a great solution for all of us who face a dying battery, and it weighs less than a bottle of water! Goal Zero also reckons that this small, portable device can extend the usability of a laptop by two hours, or if used on a tablet then you get a further 15 hours out of the battery.

The Sherpa 50 easily fits into a laptop case or a backpack, and will completely charge itself after five hours in the sun using the Nomad 13 solar panel - or you can be non-green and charge it from the wall socket in two hours - at a McDonalds, diner or restaurant!

Joe Atkin, President and CEO of Goal Zero said of the unit, “Our original Sherpa was well received by explorers and travelers alike, and this second generation model takes the product to a whole new level. We reduced its size and weight by over 50 percent and increased functionality with the ability to directly charge a laptop.”

So use solar energy for your device, save money on energy bills, reduce stress and lose weight by not sitting eating burgers while you recharge your battery.

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Friday 10th May 2013

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