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Tuesday 7th January 2014

How often do you feel you want to curl up on a pillow or cushion and recharge your batteries - well not yours but the battery in your smart phone or tablet? Well, you can do that with the Power Pillow.

You can choose from a range of colored Power Pillows, which look fairly smart although standard as far as pillows or cushions are concerned. Inside it is more than just soft stuffing, as it houses the means to share your smart devices.

Of course the comfy pillow doesn’t do anything, apart from being inviting and look attractive - it is the lithium-power battery pack inside that does the hard work. Unfortunately it does not charge wirelessly, which would have been better, but your device needs to connect by USB.

It does mean that rather than having to have your device charging in a corner of the room, or even another room, you can lounge and charge, while you make that important phone call, or update your status on Facebook.

It would also be good to have Power Pillows in common areas of hotels or receptions areas, allowing people to recharge while they wait.

You can get involved with their Kickstarter campaign, where it appears that the Power Pillow comes with two battery packs, which means you can charge one while using the other. You can also connect two devices at a time.

Although you have to use energy to charge the power pack, it does mean you are not constantly plugging in your smart device, just charge up the Pillow and snuggle up to it while you run, off grid, your smart device.

To get a real flavor of the Power Pillow, watch the video:

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Tuesday 7th January 2014

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