Renewable Energy Bridging the Gap

Wednesday 8th July 2015

Promoters and developers of wind energy seem to often consider new ways to apply their favoured energy generation. The latest innovative proposal is to make use of the space below high bridges.

The Spanish and British researchers focussed their research on the Juncal Viaduct in the Canary Islands, using it as a test bed to verify that the wind blowing under the bridge and between the pillars can move wind turbines enough to produce energy.

The researchers reckon this concept is as an ideal application in heavily built-up areas or rural areas with limitations on development, or strong opposition from communities.

The researchers haven’t bolted anything under the Juncal Viaduct - unfortunately - their results are entirely based on models and computer simulations, which were carried out at Kingston University, London.

They have calculated that if only ‘produced power’ is being evaluated, the best solution would be the installation of two medium sized wind turbines under the Juncal. The evaluated total power output would be 0.5 MW, classified in the medium-power range.

I guess the next option is to get the funding to actually install some turbines under a bridge, we will try to alert you when they do.

Picture: artist impression of the turbines under the bridge by José Antonio Peñas/Sinc.

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Wednesday 8th July 2015

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