Renewable Lion Scarer

Tuesday 5th March 2013

Lion’s in Kenya are endangered, one reason is the growing human population brings them closer to the lions natural home. Farmers for years have regarded the king of the jungle as an enemy, as the big cats prey on their livestock.

Being a farmer can be soul destroying when lions wipe out your wealth, which is measured in cattle, with the constant threat that the lion could also include you on it’s menu!

When nine year old Richard Turere was given the responsibility to look after the families cattle it was his biggest fear - lion attack. But after two years of watching the herd and the lions in the bush Richard had noticed something about lion behaviour.

This young man had noticed how the lions kept away when people patrolled with a flashlight, they appeared to fear the movement of the lights. Richard then used his natural in-built ingenuity to devise a way to emulate the moving flashlights to protect the flock.

Using LED's, an old card battery recharged by a solar panel and a motorcycle turn signal switch he rigged a system of flickering lights on the perimeter fence of the pen, pointing out towards the savanna. They became know as ‘Lion Lights’, flickering away and keeping the lions at bay.

Richard’s brilliant system works - there have been no lion attacks since he invented his system two years ago and now 75 farms are using ‘Lion Light’ systems to protect their stock.

Hear from Richard himself and discover more in this video:

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Tuesday 5th March 2013

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