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Thursday 16th January 2014

Large corporations are often well aware of the advantages of energy efficiency, but their efforts usually end at the office exit, but re-insurance, insurance company Swiss Re goes beyond that.

The company set up their “COyou2” programme in 2007, which provides financial support to employees globally when they make private investments to reduce their own CO2 footprint. The programme has now been extended and will run until 2020.

The programme is designed to raise awareness among Swiss Re employees about the impact their everyday lives have on the environment. It supports employees with a subsidy when, for example, switching to use a bike instead of using a car, or installing energy-efficient home appliances (e.g. washing machine/ refrigerators) and home infrastructure such as insulation or heat pumps.

Since the initial programme started in 2007 over 7,500 subsidies have been paid out to the employees.

The company contributes up to 50% of the eligible amount and the investment per employee is capped at a locally predefined total expense.

The programme has earned recognition as an innovative way of linking corporate strategy and responsibility on climate change with emission-cutting actions taken privately by Swiss Re's employees.

It is commendable to see some in the corporate world thinking beyond the office.

Source: Swiss Re. - Picture of Swiss Re's London base the Gherkin by Harshil.Shah [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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Thursday 16th January 2014

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