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Friday 4th July 2014

You’ve got rhythm, you’ve got light! You have if you get your hands on a Spark Shaker. You can make a noise with the shaker, and through the motion you generate energy.

The idea predictably came from a percussionist - Sudha Kheterpal of UK band Faithless. After years of banging and shaking all sorts of drums, cymbals and other things for the band she has felt empowered by music, and wanted to pass that on in a way that would make a real difference. By using her percussive expertise she hopes to bring power to those with little or no access to grid power in the developing world.

She has developed the Spark shaker, which uses kinetic energy through the rhythmic shaking to generate power. Inside the odd shaped shaker are beads to provide the percussion, but it also houses a magnet that moves through a copper coil as it is shaken, this creates the electric current, which charges a battery. 12 minutes of percussive play will produce enough energy to power a connected USB light for an hour.

Will this small instrument make a difference? Most certainly, watch the video to see what youngsters in Kenya think of it, plus consider that around 70% of Africans are not connected to the grid, relying on dangerous kerosene lanterns for lighting. So the Spark can make a difference.

Kheterpal came up with the idea, and has now produced and tested prototypes in Kenya and is now looking to further develop and put the Spark in to production with the help of crowd funding through Kickstarter. She’s aiming to raise £50,000 ($85,000) and is getting help from other musicians.

Kheterpal is not looking to just supply the finished shakers ready for use, she also wants to supply educational kits, that allow children to learn by assembling the units themselves.

Check out the video:

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Friday 4th July 2014

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