Shut Up Your Chimney

Wednesday 31st May 2017

Breathe London, who advise on air quality in London, have revealed that having an open chimney is bad for your health and your energy bill.

They reckons that insulating your home helps, but must include insulating an open chimney - this will not only prevent heat escaping and hence save money, but also prevents polluted air from gaining easy access from outside into a home. Breathe London say its like leaving a window wide open continually - up to 80 cubic metres per hour of air can flow through a chimney, that’s as much as two full rooms of air.

Using such solutions as the Chimney Sheep to reduce the speed of air exchange between outside and inside a house. It is made of thick felted wool mounted on a handle, it can block 94% of the airflow through the chimney.

So save energy and improve your health by getting a Chimney Sheep or a Chimney Balloon to close you open chimney.

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Wednesday 31st May 2017

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