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Monday 16th June 2014

The NEST Thermostat is one of those devices everyone wants, smart looking, smart powered, and yet practical. It has also been around for awhile now, hence it is a little bit of a surprise that it has taken other manufacturers some time to respond with their own smart thermostat that matches the NEST. Major player Honeywell have now responded with their Lyric thermostat.

The Lyric tracks the user's location via smart technology, adjusting the home temperature when the home is unoccupied but then when residents are heading home it will switch on the heating/cooling to set the right temperature for the returnees. When it records that a home is empty, the Lyric will go into energy-saving mode reducing energy consumption and bills.

Like the NEST the LYRIC maps the rhythm of a family’s life, and makes adjustments. Honeywell claims it doesn't learn this like the NEST, but tunes into your life - market speak for the same principal.

It also measures the indoor temperature, outdoor temperature, humidity and records the weather, using these readings tweak the home’s environment based on the settings set by the user.

Users can use the app on their smart technology or manual adjustments on the Lyric itself to set their preferences.

NEST now have some true competition.

Check out the video below.

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Monday 16th June 2014

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