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Tuesday 7th October 2014

The UK is known for its red public phone boxes - once they could be found on many street corners and every village and hamlet, let alone in lonely rural locations. With the advent of mobile phones these boxes have been gradually withdrawn from many places, but the mobile phone may now be the boxes savior - but not in red in green instead.

Two London School of Economics (LSE) geography students, Harold Craston and Kirsty Kenny, turned all entrepreneurial and have developed a plan to change old red public phone boxes into solar powered green boxes where you can charge your cell phone, known as Solrboxes

Kirtsy and Harold were keen in finding new ways to use public spaces and realised that phone boxes offered a new opportunity for the 21st century.

This week they have launched six of their green boxes in Tottenham Court Road in London - offering the free service with funding via adverts on an inbuilt screen while they wait for enough charge to power up their phones.

The charging power comes from a solar panel mounted on the roof of the box, with three hours of sunshine enough to keep the box working. The green box can charge up to 100 phones a day, offering 20% battery boost in 10 minutes, using a selection of connectors to fit a range of phones.

There is plenty of supply of old red boxes available for conversion to green - 8000 unused boxes stored in London alone.

A good modern idea for recycling a much loved icon of the past.

Watch the two videos below:

From the BBC:

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From London Live:

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Picture from YouTube image.

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Tuesday 7th October 2014

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