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Wednesday 16th July 2014

There are many portable solar devices on the market, but now SunJack are looking to get a step ahead with a portable pack that has a separate lithium-polymer battery that provides USB power from the stored energy.

The unit is able to fully charge its internal battery pack in about five hours of direct sunlight, When the sun isn’t shining, users can then use the battery to charge their devices directly; it holds enough charge to power up to eight iPhones. The battery also has a built in LED light, which is very useful when trying to connect your USB cables in the dark.

It can also be a critical item in any emergency or disaster preparedness kit. It also fulfills the growing demand to be freed from the reliance on a wall socket, becoming energy independent.

It is well protected from drops and bangs with its own wallet, which folds out to reveal the four panels. In a video they run a car over an open wallet and the SunJack survives - it is tough.

Folding the wallet down leaves you with a tablet size pack to place in your back pack, easy to carry and easy to use, or even left open soaking up the suns rays while you hike, or unfolded on your dash while you drive.

An excellent product, useful for so many situations.

Watch a video about the SunJack:

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Wednesday 16th July 2014

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