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Friday 24th January 2014

It maybe the wrong time of year to think of hot sunny days and keeping your drinks cool - but we can look forward to the summer when it will be a reality, and what better way to keep your drinks cold than using the sun.

Solar Cool Technologies have developed the Solar-Cooler which uses the sun’s energy to cool and not heat. It’s similar to a regular cooler - a bulky box with handles. It is easily portable and can contain food or drinks and uses a refrigeration unit powered by solar energy.

There have been electric cooler containers around for quite some time, which is fine if you stay by a power outlet, whether mains or a car socket. Otherwise, it is a case of filling your cooler with ice, hoping it doesn’t all melt into a pool of water soaking everything inside.

Hence a portable, powered unit that uses the sun is perfect, keeping cold on the hot beach by the sea or lake. Ideal for eat outs or camping, not that you would want to carry it too far, or even by the race track.

Solar Cool Technologies claim it will hold a steady 42° F (5.5° C) for 24 hours or more, and can cool down to 14° F (-10° C) I guess that means you keep ice creams in the sun! You set the temperature through a digital display, and you can boost the power by adding more solar panels or pre-charging the batteries.

Of course if you are drawing power from the sun you may also like to use it for others things - hence they have added sockets to charge smart phones and other devices - check out the picture.

They are looking for funding through an Indiegogo campaign to start production.

Watch their video:

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Friday 24th January 2014

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