Tanzania Helped With Renewables and Sustainable Energy Products

Wednesday 11th October 2017

The joint World Bank-IFC program, Lighting Africa, is a two-year consumer education campaign to promote solar off-grid lighting and energy products in rural communities not connected to the grid in Tanzania.

There is an increasing demand for solar energy and lighting products in Tanzania, a country where most rural households depend on low-quality solar lanterns and other electric products for lighting. Prone to early breakage, the low-quality products have caused consumers to lose money and lowered their confidence in the validity of solar products.

The campaign, titled ‘Ngaa na Sola - Ndo Mpango Mzima,” (shine with solar, it is the complete deal), aims to raise consumer awareness about the benefits of modern, quality off-grid lighting, helping communities make informed purchasing decisions. It will feature a range of warrantied products that meet Lighting Global Quality Standards. The campaign will also communicate innovative business models in solar energy such as Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGO) service, a mobile money platform that lets consumers pay for the products in small instalments, making the product affordable to various income groups.  

"This campaign announced by IFC … has come at an opportune time in the quest of accelerating the uptake of the highest quality off-grid solar lighting products and services at the least possible cost. This campaign will help to demonstrate that renewable energy especially solar is both affordable and good for the economy. We are also happy to note that this campaign will advocate product quality something which will be useful in restoring consumers’ confidence,” said Prof. James E. Mdoe, Ag Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Energy and Minerals while officiating the launch.

Lighting Africa’s Tanzania campaign will reach consumers through a range of marketing and public awareness activities including mass media, road shows and door-to-door campaigns, tailored to the needs of low-income households across the country.

Picture fo Ikonda village in Tanzania, by Jojona - reproduced under CCL.

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Wednesday 11th October 2017

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