The Green Lantern

Tuesday 15th October 2013

Looking at NASA’a satellite images of the earth in darkness, the brightness of the cities dominate the image, often with little arteries of light between urban centers. Is all this light from our homes? Some must be, but most of us will draw the curtains or close the blinds, reducing the light pollution.

Hopefully most offices will also have turned off the lights - so many of these lights at night must be from street lighting. We need street lighting but these images from space show how much energy must be consumed by street lighting.

So green energy for street lighting is an obvious choice, so the work by public lighting developer and manufacturer Kaal Masten is interesting with their new solar powered street light column - Spirit solarmast.

Solar powered street lighting is nothing new, but the difference with the Spirit is that the panels and battery pack are integrated within the mast, the whole unit can run on its own generated solar power.

The Spirit is designed to use energy saving LED lighting with an integrated power management system to provide automatic dimming, which extends running time, cutting energy waste.

So future aerial shots from space could look different - why? Well, you may view the images differently, knowing that renewable energy could be powering a lot of that light - also, as the Spirit solarmast is free standing, there could be even more street lighting as places off grid can now easily have public lighting.

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Tuesday 15th October 2013

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