Trading Energy Efficiency Building Label Knowledge

Wednesday 24th January 2018

Knowledge shared is one of the greatest ways to bring about improvements and with so many people and organisations involved in different aspects of energy efficiency, sharing such experience and knowledge can lead to big leaps in progress.

So it is interesting to see that Scotland is trading energy efficiency actions with Canada.

The UK's Energy Saving Trust reports that a delegation from Natural Resources Canada was in Edinburgh this week, as part of a collaboration – funded by the UK High Commission in Ottawa - helping to bring energy labelling to all buildings in Canada.

With the Canadian government focused on tackling climate change, and nearly all its provinces and territories signed up to the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change, there is a commitment to addressing energy use in buildings. The experience from Scotland could be valuable in Canada's future actions. The UK's Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) is of particular interest to the Canadian delegation.

Read more about the collaboration here. Picture Adobe Stock.

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Wednesday 24th January 2018

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