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Tuesday 8th October 2013

Cargo transport conjures up images of large tractor and trailer units spewing out diesel fumes as they crisscross the country - well here is a new image, cargo bikes weaving their way around cities!

Cargo bikes are starting to take hold in the United States with the increasing number of bikes with electric motors appearing all over the country.

You can get heavy-hauling B-Line electric trikes able to transport up to 600 pounds of goods, to willing volunteers delivering foods and other stuff to people in need, cargo bikes are taking over from trucks and cars - saving fuel, emissions and cutting traffic jams.

Electric motorized cargo bikes can easily climb hills and allows the cyclist with heavy cargo to set off from a stationary position.

There are also more cargo bikes around, with many being bought to transport the kids as well as cargo, and with a green agenda many people and companies are switching to them.

The Cargo Bike Company will not take any more orders for their popular Lugger bike this year due to demand, it is obviously a booming business. They can't handle a ship container, but they can move a lot of the contents from the container.

Cargo bikes could be the future for deliveries, in towns at least.

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Tuesday 8th October 2013

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