UK Government Energy Efficiency Targets Not Ambitious Enough

Wednesday 10th January 2018

Despite many prmises from many governments to improve energy efficiency the hard truth is many are falling short - as a survey published this week in the UK reveals.

The survey reporst that UK Businesses feel governmental policy needs reinforcing according to a new survey, despite continued uncertainty within the energy efficiency industry. The new survey leads to the conclusion that the majority of green businesses feel the current industry targets fall well short of where they should be.

The poll of Environmental Industry Commission (EIC) members reveals great discontent over the UK government's existing aims to boost energy productivity. Those surveyed called for a significant overhaul of energy efficiency policies with an introduction of new tax incentives to improve uptake of energy efficiency measures, along with further reform of building energy performance certificates.

59% of the survey’s respondents stated they felt the current target was nowhere near ambitious enough, with 14% describing the goal as 'not ambitious at all' or 'not very ambitious', while another 45% agreeing that it 'could be more ambitious'.

EIC executive director Matthew Farrow said the findings - published in the latest quarterly energy efficiency trends report by analysts EEVS Insight and Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) - showed the government was being "over cautious" in its approach to business energy efficiency and "should set a tougher target" for 2030.

In the report, Farrow described energy saving as the "Cinderella of energy policy", with UK government ministers still "struggling for ideas for how to overcome the perennial challenges of energy efficiency policy”.

Farrow wrote: ”The Clean Growth Strategy target for energy efficiency lacks ambition, existing policies should be toughened up and tax incentives, EPC and ESOS reform considered, and without better enforcement none of this will be of any value.”

Picture of UK Parliament at nights by Riaz Shah - Own work, Public Domain.

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Wednesday 10th January 2018

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