UK SMEs Missing out on Energy and Financial Savings

Wednesday 23rd November 2016

Energy efficiency is accepted as an important strategy for the future of the planet, but also financial savings more or less right away. Businesses as high energy uses potentially have the biggest savings to make, yet a new survey by ScottishPower revealed that small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in the UK are missing out on vital energy savings. The survey claims only 1 in 10 SMEs claim to have decreased energy consumption over the past year.

YouGov conducted the survey, which also revealed that over 60% of SME owners don’t regard energy efficiency in the workplace as a key priority, and over half don’t have any active measures in place to try improve energy efficiency.

ScottishPower has teamed up with the UK’s Carbon Trust in a combined effort to aid evermore businesses to take control of their energy outgoings and make savings.

Mark Bowen, Marketing Director from ScottishPower, said:.
“Many businesses we talk to admit they could be doing more, but are put off because they believe that steps to incorporate energy efficiency into their business will be time consuming and difficult. We’re keen to work together with businesses and the Carbon Trust as part of this innovative new partnership to understand how we can help break down some of these barriers.”

Energy efficiency is regarded as the low hanging fruit as far as energy savings are concerned, yet many of the most basic measures are being ignored by business owners. The money saved through energy saving actions stays on the bottom line of a business, meaning not acting makes no business sense at all.

For even greater, and in many ways, easier savings the multitude of smart energy saving technology available to business and industry can intelligently inform and automate a lot of energy saving actions.

ScottishPower will invite businesses to help develop the online toolkit which will launch next year7, by registering their interest at

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Wednesday 23rd November 2016

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