UK Solar is Sunny

Tuesday 21st January 2014

SolarBuzz, who monitor and report on movement in the solar industry worldwide revealed that solar PV installations in the UK grew by an incredible 600% during the 2013 calendar-year , driving the UK to a record 1.45 GW of new solar PV capacity added.

Ground-mounted installations accounted for over 90% of new large-scale solar PV added in the UK in 2013.

The UK was ranked in sixth place globally for large-scale solar PV, and is one of just six countries that had, or approached, a GW-level large-scale solar market during 2013.

The UK was ranked in sixth place for large-scale solar PV demand in 2013, and was one of only four countries to be ranked in the top 10 for both small and large-scale solar PV demand for 2013.

The UK was one of only five countries to feature in the top-10 rankings for both small-scale and large-scale solar PV deployment in 2013; a fact that should be welcome news to the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and UK trade associations in their quest to diversify the UK PV landscape.

Picture of PV panels in London by Tom Chance from Peckham (flickr: BedZED) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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Tuesday 21st January 2014

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