Urban Winds Harvested

Monday 23rd July 2012

Wind power is a well established alternative, clean energy source. What do you need to generate your energy? Wind. Hence we build the generation towers on hill/mountain tops and out at sea.

Over the past few years more localised systems have been developed, even for residences, but they often prove to be disappointing with low energy output, unless you live on a hill/mountain top or out at sea, as urban areas are inconsistent in wind supply!

Hence a new ‘mini’ vertical-axis wind turbine from McCamley, looks more fitting in urban environments than regular wind blades, fitting in cosmetically and effectively on top of a building.

McCamley’s MkII unit has been designed to overcome many of the issues associated with the large traditional horizontal axis turbines seen in wind farms, which rely on steady wind speeds. If the wind speed drops below 2-3 metres per second traditional wind turbines stop and then need to draw power from the grid once the wind speed picks up to get started again.

The McCamley’s turbine copes with the turbulent and variable nature of gusting wind conditions often found in urban environments. The turbine also continues to work efficiently in high gusting wind speeds, keeping at a consistent, steady speed due to a self-regulating system.

It also comes flat-packed, but not from Ikea as yet, and is easily retrofitted onto a roof without a supporting mast, making it a viable source of renewable energy for buildings in areas previously seen as unsuitable for wind energy.

Maybe we shall see these popping up in the urban centers around the world, I guess they could become the 21st century clean energy version of the old smoke emitting chimney.

Here is a video about this turbine:

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Monday 23rd July 2012

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