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Wednesday 15th January 2014

We like what solar panels do - generate clean solar energy, but we must admit they are not the most attractive of installations on a building, or even in a field. At least wind turbines have a majestic appeal. But now solar energy may have a beautiful little sister about to emerge from start up tech company Rawlemon.

German architect Andre Broessl looked at bios daughters glass marbles and it inspired him to design a spherical lens to concentrate the sun’s rays on to a small photovoltaic panel. A dual axis pivot then tracks the movement of the sun.

The design is an attempt to make solar energy generation better, as Broessi stated: “We can squeeze more juice out of the sun.” By combining the spherical geometry principals with the dual axis tracking system, the Rawlemon can achieve up to 70% yield surplus compared to a conventional PV panel, when both are placed in vertical set-up.

The Rawlemon is able to concentrate diffused light, and from an economical point of view, it can produce solar energy where conventional systems fail.

Added to this is the beauty of the Rawlemon - basically a giant marble or set of marbles, that just attracts you attention. Broessi is currently looking for crowd funding to develop the product further.

Initially they are looking at small individual units that can charge your phone, but in the future it could be something a lot bigger.

Is this the future for solar energy? You will have to look into a crystal ball for that - hang on a minute.


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Wednesday 15th January 2014

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