Water Music From Your Shower Radio - VIDEO

Tuesday 26th June 2012

Showers are more environmentally friendly than a bath, as they use less water energy to heat, so it used to be claimed.

The shower radio has become popular - meaning people performing their ablutions must be staying under the streams of warm water longer to make the use of a radio worthwhile, negating the ‘saving’ quality of the shower, which was always reasonably brief.

Just think though - there you are standing in a constant stream of water but needing to power the radio, why not use hydro-power. That was obviously the thought of the good people at H2O Power, who specialise in water powered devices, so they came up with the worlds first water powered shower radio.

Using the water pressure from your plumbing the H2O™ Shower Radio increases the water pressure further by an internal jet system, which then turns a small turbine to create energy, and music, news and information - brilliant.

Plus, as it has a built-in rechargeable battery allowing energy to be stored, it will continue to play once you have turned the shower off.

Certainly here at the ESA we are thinking of plenty of other uses for this technology.....let us know what you can think up using this micro hydro-power.

Check out the other water powered products they have including the “can clocks” - which you just fill up with water.

Watch this video on installing this great device.

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Tuesday 26th June 2012

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