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Wednesday 6th November 2013

A couple of weeks ago we posted about the research by the University of Hawaii that highlighted the affects to cities around the globe from rising sea levels due to climate change.

Close on the heels of that post you can now access a dramatic interactive map launched by National Geographic showing where Cities will disappear under the waves, or become beach side resorts!

It is part of a new series of interactive maps showing the results if all five million cubic miles of ice on Earth were to melt, producing sea level rises of 216 feet.

The world would change dramatically. Now don’t panic and reach for the life raft, scientists reckon that the time taken to melt all this ice would be around 5,000 years. But many places would be affected far, far earlier, as stated in the research by the university of Hawaii, if emissions are not reduced dramatically and quickly - which predicted effects to some cities could start by the end of the decade.

Check out the map and see how London, New York, San Francisco, all of Florida, huge parts of China and many Pacific islands would sink below the waves. Let alone huge inland seas forming in South America and Australia.

It is dramatic and critics may feel it goes too far - but it brings home the importance of green strategies, particularly improving energy efficiency and energy saving.

Source National Geographic - read the article.

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Wednesday 6th November 2013

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