Window of Opportunity for Blind Energy Saving - Video

Wednesday 11th November 2015

One often missed energy saving opportunity is being able to control the heat coming in or going out through windows. Having blinds or curtains that prevent overheating or losing heat are a good and simple ides for energy efficiency. But remembering, or even being on hand, to open and close blinds or curtains is a variant that makes it a very inefficient way of saving energy.

This certainly makes a new gadget from Toronto base Axis very interesting. Axis Gear is basically motorising the blinds or curtains you no doubt already have. They are currently running a crowd funding scheme on Indiegogo for their smart device that costs $95!

Current motorised blinds are expensive and also need energy to operate, if you are environmentally conscious you can connect them to a solar power source, again expensive. Axis Gear has a built in solar panel to provide that renewable energy, at no extra cost.

The device is also smart - it will communicate via you smart phone or tablet through an app, which also allows scheduling of shutting and opening. It is also being developed to work with other smart devices, so it could open the blinds when you need to wake, or interact with smart thermostats and other smart home gadgets.

So how does it work the blinds you likely have in your office or home? Axis Gear will work with any beaded or cord loop blind or curtain system, no matter what size or material or length. It is simply fitted and can be up and running within minutes, and apart from he smart remote controls it can also be operated manually.

Their crowdfunding campaign is going well, so expect it to be available in the not too distant future - it is a brilliant and simple idea. Check out the video below:

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Wednesday 11th November 2015

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