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Cool 'Bottlelight' - Recycle and Illuminate

Wednesday 9th September 2015

Most, if not all, households have a gathering of bottles waiting to go into the recycle bin - you could now recycle some of them yourself by turning them into ...

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Think Earth Education for a Sustainable Future

Wednesday 2nd September 2015

A superb education programme designed for preschool children through to those in their early teens has been made freely available online. Non-profit Think Earth's Environmental Education Foundation is committed to helping ...

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Energy from Wine

Wednesday 26th August 2015

Most of us enjoy a nice glass of wine, although we try to avoid imbibing the dregs in the last few drops, but the ‘dregs’ from the wine making process ...

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Google's 'Project Sunroof' Identifies Solar Potential - Video

Wednesday 19th August 2015

Google have revealed a new online tool providing homeowners with custom solar information for their buildings, named “Project Sunroof”. The tool uses high-resolution aerial mapping, as used by Google Earth ...

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Space Age Shower Saves Water and 80% Energy - Video

Wednesday 12th August 2015

Saving energy along with water is often achieved using different systems, yet with so many applications water is heated and then discarded, while still hot or warm. If you can ...

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White Laser Light the Energy Efficient Future

Wednesday 5th August 2015

Incandescent bulbs have been biting the dust as people have turned, initially, to energy saving lighting and more recently to energy efficient LED bulbs. It will change in the future ...

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Coal Industry Claims They Help Developing World

Wednesday 29th July 2015

Despite growing scientific evidence, and general acceptance, that global warming/climate change is happening, there are still doubters. But it is interesting that many of them have industrial and financial interests. They ...

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Hot-Spot Clean Energy Street Bins

Wednesday 22nd July 2015

The only time most of us take notice of a street rubbish/garbage bin is usually when we need one - just to drop in that sandwich wrapping or newspaper. Nowadays ...

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Rabbits Have the Guts to Cut CO2

Wednesday 15th July 2015

The worlds biggest steel and mining company is going to use rabbit guts to improve their sustainability! Our furry friends have a microbe in their gut that will help produce ...

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Renewable Energy Bridging the Gap

Wednesday 8th July 2015

Promoters and developers of wind energy seem to often consider new ways to apply their favoured energy generation. The latest innovative proposal is to make use of the space below ...

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Playing With Toy Cars and the Triboelectric Effect

Wednesday 1st July 2015

Playing with toy trucks does not normally lead to ground breaking energy saving technology development, but a group of University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers, and others, have developed a nanogenerator by ...

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Silent Owl's Wings Married to Wind Turbine Blades

Wednesday 24th June 2015

One of the objections to Wind Turbines from being installed in your neighbouring field is the noise of the turbine spinning while it generates electricity. That objection maybe about to ...

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Street Light EV Charging System

Wednesday 17th June 2015

We need street lighting in cities, to make them safe and secure - with the need to increase the charging point for electric vehicles (EVs), why not combine the two, ...

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State by State Plan for 100% Renewables

Wednesday 10th June 2015

Some people feel one of the major ways to combat climate change is to focus on renewable energy, achieving 100% renewable energy supply - but achieving it is another thing. ...

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Solar Flight Grounded - Temporarily

Wednesday 3rd June 2015

No doubt you followed the news about Solar Impulse, a solar powered plane, that was forced to land in Japan, cutting short the attempt to fly across the Pacific Ocean ...

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Save Energy and Get 30% More Power for Cell Battery

Wednesday 27th May 2015

I am very pleased with my smart phone, it charges very quickly, but then it needs to as it loses power quickly as well. The phone is about a year ...

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Bye-Bye Blades, Hello Swaying in the Wind - Video

Wednesday 20th May 2015

Recently while driving through a particularly beautiful rural area before me lay a green field peppered with wind turbines. To me they had a certain elegance, shining bright white in ...

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How Do Your Appliances Rate For Energy Efficiency?

Wednesday 13th May 2015

Look around your home, now - yes look. I bet that within your field of view there are multiple electrical appliances, and if you happen to be in the kitchen ...

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Quick Shelter and Power

Wednesday 6th May 2015

Whether out enjoying yourself or in emergency situations, having shelter and power are important. Many of us don’t like being out of energy when hiking or camping - even when ...

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Good Energy Saving Behaviour is Vital

Wednesday 29th April 2015

Most energy efficiency measures implemented in buildings and businesses involve technology, such as monitoring energy consumption and providing live energy data, often in a visual format. This can greatly influence ...

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Small Step for US

Wednesday 22nd April 2015

As the news broke of a bi-partisan agreement on a minor US energy efficiency bill, the Energy Efficiency Improvement Act of 2015, it underlines how far the country lags behind ...

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Rivers of Energy

Friday 27th March 2015

The UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has developed an interactive water source heat map, which has been incorporated as an additional layer to the existing National Heat ...

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Smarter Switch - Video

Thursday 26th March 2015

Smart switches for controlling your lights are a great idea. They are convenient, being able to switch off a light remotely is a good feature or switching on lights as ...

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Freedom Flow

Wednesday 25th March 2015

There are plenty of portable renewable energy devices to charge your USB devices, and more, few are hydropower devices but there is a new contender. The Blue Freedom kit, described ...

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Batteries from Peanuts

Tuesday 24th March 2015

When setting up a new lab at Purdue University, Indiana U.S., the professors and researchers were left with lots of packing ‘peanuts’ that spilled from the packing cases - Professor ...

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