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Bye-Bye Blades, Hello Swaying in the Wind - Video

Wednesday 20th May 2015

Recently while driving through a particularly beautiful rural area before me lay a green field peppered with wind turbines. To me they had a certain elegance, shining bright white in ...

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How Do Your Appliances Rate For Energy Efficiency?

Wednesday 13th May 2015

Look around your home, now - yes look. I bet that within your field of view there are multiple electrical appliances, and if you happen to be in the kitchen ...

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Quick Shelter and Power

Wednesday 6th May 2015

Whether out enjoying yourself or in emergency situations, having shelter and power are important. Many of us don’t like being out of energy when hiking or camping - even when ...

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Good Energy Saving Behaviour is Vital

Wednesday 29th April 2015

Most energy efficiency measures implemented in buildings and businesses involve technology, such as monitoring energy consumption and providing live energy data, often in a visual format. This can greatly influence ...

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Small Step for US

Wednesday 22nd April 2015

As the news broke of a bi-partisan agreement on a minor US energy efficiency bill, the Energy Efficiency Improvement Act of 2015, it underlines how far the country lags behind ...

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Rivers of Energy

Friday 27th March 2015

The UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has developed an interactive water source heat map, which has been incorporated as an additional layer to the existing National Heat ...

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Smarter Switch - Video

Thursday 26th March 2015

Smart switches for controlling your lights are a great idea. They are convenient, being able to switch off a light remotely is a good feature or switching on lights as ...

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Freedom Flow

Wednesday 25th March 2015

There are plenty of portable renewable energy devices to charge your USB devices, and more, few are hydropower devices but there is a new contender. The Blue Freedom kit, described ...

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Batteries from Peanuts

Tuesday 24th March 2015

When setting up a new lab at Purdue University, Indiana U.S., the professors and researchers were left with lots of packing ‘peanuts’ that spilled from the packing cases - Professor ...

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Cooling EVs

Monday 23rd March 2015

A study in this week’s Scientific Report by researchers at Michigan State University and in China add more fuel to the already hot debate about whether electric vehicles are more ...

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Budget Blunder

Friday 20th March 2015

This week the UK received the budget from Chancellor George Osborne, and notably incentives or financial boosts for energy efficiency were absent - bringing criticism. The UK Green Building Council responded ...

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Big Electric Wing

Thursday 19th March 2015

The arrival of a unique experimental demonstrator at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center last month may herald a future in which many aircraft are powered by electric motors. The Leading ...

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Computer Energy Save

Wednesday 18th March 2015

The California Energy Commission released proposed energy efficiency standards for computers and monitors that will save hundreds of millions of dollars off electricity bill annually. For desktop computers alone, it ...

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Power Dressing

Monday 16th March 2015

From light-up shoes to smart watches, wearable electronics are gaining traction among consumers, but these gadgets’ versatility is still held back by the stiff, short-lived batteries that are required. These ...

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Smoke Stack Capture

Friday 13th March 2015

UC Berkeley chemists have made a major leap forward in carbon-capture technology with a material that can efficiently remove carbon from the ambient air of a submarine as readily as ...

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Silk Batteries

Thursday 12th March 2015

Lithium-ion batteries have enabled many of today’s electronics, from portable gadgets to electric cars. But much to the frustration of consumers, none of these batteries last long without a recharge. ...

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Wednesday 11th March 2015

Are you prepared if the grid goes down? Do you have power when out in the wild? Another company have produced a portable solar device for off grid use - ...

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Lighting Africa

Tuesday 10th March 2015

When there is a blackout and we are forced into darkness it reduces or even stops a lot of what we need to do. Imagine facing that situation daily, once ...

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Pee Power - Video

Monday 9th March 2015

A toilet, conveniently situated near the Student Union Bar at the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol), in the UK is proving pee can generate electricity - and ...

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Wastewater Energy

Thursday 5th March 2015

Extracting fossil fuels is an expensive process, often energy hungry with environmentally harmful side effects. For instance oil and gas operations in the United States produce about 21 billion barrels ...

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Be a Little Piggy

Thursday 5th March 2015

Straw houses may not resist a huffing wolf but they have more benefits than you may think is possible. This is being made apparent by the appropriately named sustainable builders ...

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It's From The Lagoon

Tuesday 3rd March 2015

Tidal power lagoons in the UK, which we posted on last year, have made a step forward to realisation - although the cost could be a challenge. We previously posted on ...

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Flow Battery - Video

Monday 2nd March 2015

Ensuring the power grid keeps the lights on in large cities could be easier with a new battery design that packs far more energy than any other battery of its ...

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Up The Creek

Friday 27th February 2015

You do not want to be up a creek without a paddle do you? But maybe now that would not be such a desperate situation if you were to find ...

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Temp Solar Armband

Wednesday 25th February 2015

Health care has been under pressure - budgets are tight and reduced staff numbers mean care workers are stretched looking after more patients - now research and solar power may ...

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